(Week of 12/19/05)

AVERY DENNISON: Automatic Label Applicator

A new low-cost, fully automatic label applicator designed to replace time-consuming, manual "slap-and-ship" labeling methods is now available from Avery Dennison Printer Systems. The product, called the AVERY DENNISON™ ALS 104, applies preprinted product ID labels, including bar-coded labels, to boxes, cartons and other items at speeds up to 25 meters per minute. The unit has a rugged, all-steel housing designed to safeguard key components and electronics in factory environments. It is controlled from a built-in display panel that rotates 280 degrees or can interface with PLCs on the factory floor. The system's compact 19.6" x 14.8" footprint makes it ideal for use on limited-space conveyor and packaging lines. The ALS 104 applies tags and labels in widths up to 4.4 inches (110 mm), and can accommodate label rolls up to 12 inches (300 mm). The system is available in right- and left-hand configurations.

For more information, visit http://www.ris.averydennison.com .

COTRONICS CORP.: Flexible Epoxy

Duralco 4538 epoxy is a completely variable system that can be tailored to meet any application requirement simply by varying the mix ratio of resin to hardener, resulting in the exact degree of flexibility required for any application. It cures easily at room temperature (without odor) to provide outstanding bond strength, thermal and mechanical shock resistance, adhesion to dissimilar substrates, and excellent electrical and chemical resistance. This product will not gum up or soften at elevated temperatures, and it is available in pint kits, gallon kits, and pre-measured packages.

For more information, visit http://www.cotronics.com or call (718) 646-7996.

EMSEAL: Joint System

This company has announced the availability of COLORSEAL, a unique, pre-compressed, hybrid, silicone-and-impregnated-foam sealant ideal for sealing walls in stadiums, office buildings, casinos, universities, convention centers, government buildings, retail shopping malls, airports, and hospitals. Designed for curtainwall and metal cladding systems, as well as structures made of concrete, brick, and stone, COLORSEAL overcomes the fatigue and potential cohesion failure of liquid sealants by combining factory-applied and cured silicone bellows with an impregnated, expanded foam sealant backing. This product features non-invasive anchoring, thus eliminating the need to drill or screw into sensitive substrates, which in turn eliminates the risk of spalling and enables installation into inside corners that are impossible to seal with aluminum rail and rubber strip-seals.

For more information, visit http://www.emseal.com or call (800) 526-8365.

ROHM AND HAAS: Cold Seal Adhesive

This company has added a synthetic cold seal product to their Coseal™ line of cold seal adhesives. The new Coseal 55-300 overcomes two major obstacles that have long plagued converters of moisture-sensitive and oxygen-sensitive packaging, such as those used for candy bars, ice cream or even gummy snacks. The product is formulated to mix easily, quickly and completely, thus virtually eliminating downstream sealing failures. In addition, the product exhibits excellent adhesion to metallized and white OPP films. Coseal 55-300 is fully FDA-certified for direct food contact, has no odors that change taste or aroma, and completely avoids natural rubber, a concern related to allergic reaction in sensitive persons.

For more information, visit http://www.rohmhaas.com .

SCAPA AUTOMOTIVE: Automotive Transfer Adhesives

Unifilm® U617A and U618A are two low-fogging acrylic transfer adhesives for automotive assembly applications, including general assembly and foam lamination. Both products meet the requirements of GM 3622-M (Type 1), GM 3607-M (Type 1), GM 9985281-9, Ford WSS-M11P62-A, DCX MSCC240 and DCX MSCC211 automotive specifications. Unifilm U617A and U618A are ideal for trim attachment and lamination to foam for gasketing and NVH applications. Both products provide excellent adhesion, long-term aging and high initial wet out to a variety of urethane foams. U617A and U618A exhibit excellent adhesion to ether and ester foams, and offer high specific adhesion to a variety of surfaces, including low-surface-energy plastics.

For more information, visit http://www.scapaautomotive.com/ or call (800) 653-5315.