Brookfield Engineering now offers two choices for "Quick Connect" spindle coupling accessories. The popular Quick Connect coupling allows the operator to quickly attach or remove spindles from Brookfield Viscometers and Rheometers. The benefits of Quick Connect coupling accessories are many. They save time when switching spindles, they eliminate cross threading, and they are easy to use. Quick Connect accessories are constructed of stainless steel and are compatible with LV, RV, HA, and HB disk spindles. Also offered are convenient Quick Connect "Kits" for LV (4 spindles) and RV/HA/RB (6 spindles). Kits include a special guard leg where appropriate. "Type D Extensions" (used with or without an extension link) provide an alternative "quick connect" method. They are primarily used for applications where the depth of a spindle immersion can be observed. Extension links are available from 1" up to 12".

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