This company now offers EZ-Lock Spindle Coupling kits for its most popular accessories. Brookfield recently released EZ-Lock kits for its Small Sample and UL Adapters, and now it has added kits for the Helipath Stand, DIN Adapter, and Thermosel, as well as an EZ-Lock Vane Spindle Set.

The EZ-Lock Spindle Coupling allows technicians to quickly and easily attach/detach spindles in busy laboratory environments, saving valuable time and improving productivity.
  • Small Sample Adapter is intended for rheological evaluation where sample volume is limited
  • UL Adapter is intended for low viscosity materials
  • Helipath Stand is designed for measuring non-flowing substances like gels, pastes and putty
  • Thermosel is designed for elevated temperature testing
  • EZ-Lock Vane Spindle Set is intended for the measurement of pastes, gels and fluids with suspended solids
  • The DIN Adapter complies with DIN 53019 requirements
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