HAECO Inc. has introduced the new Auto-Glaze Table, a high-production automatic glazing system that applies glazing sealant at up to 70 ft./min. to wood, vinyl or aluminum windows. The Auto-Glaze Table, which HAECO has been building for several years under a different brand name, is ideal for small to mid-size window manufacturers looking to increase production and efficiency in sealant applications. The Auto-Glaze Table features a unique twin-selector switch that allows the operator to unload and reload a sash while another sash is being glazed, providing continuous production. As a result, the HAECO system is capable of doubling production capabilities compared to manual applications. This system was designed with the operator in mind and offers easy-to-use control panels. Cycles start with the "wave of a hand" and eliminate the need for awkward footswitches or hard-to-find start cycle buttons. Keyed lockout allows maintenance immediate access to manual motion control and manual raising or lowering of the head assembly.

For more information, visit http://www.haeco.us or call (800) 852-3522.