DUR-O-SET Elite ULTRA (25-135A) copolymer emulsion from Vinamul Polymers is enabling air-laid nonwoven manufacturers to develop softer, stronger and more absorbent fabrics for a multitude of new wipes applications. Since its introduction in 2002, DUR-O-SET Elite ULTRA has had proven commercial success in air-laid nonwoven wipes applications for a number of major manufacturers, according to John Parsons, market development manager, Vinamul Polymers. The product is designed to impart significantly higher wet-strength than traditional nonwoven binder technologies. In addition, the self-crosslinking ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion can lower manufacturing costs by reducing binder usage in existing wet-wipes applications. DUR-O-SET Elite ULTRA requires no catalyst or wetting surfactants to achieve cure or help absorbency.

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