Double dot coating is an important technology in the production of interlinings. The uniqueness of the double dot coating technology is that each dot is composed of two different layers. The upper layer (top dot) is a thermoplastic hot melt adhesive, which bonds to the face fabric. The lower layer (base dot) is placed directly onto the interlining in order to prevent the back flow of the hot melt adhesive into the interlining (so-called strike back) during the lamination. EMS-GRILTECH has developed new products expressly for this application technology, which meet the high demands of double dot coating. Griltex Copolyamide adhesives provide a very high wash resistance, dry cleaning and steam resistance, as well as good sinter behavior. Products suitable for the double dot technology are Griltex 2A and D 1705A, as well as D 1796A and D 1798A, which also have very low strike back at higher temperature. The Copolyester adhesive Griltex 6E provides a high wash resistance, and D 1390E also has a very low strike back at higher temperature.

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