InteliCoat is now offering ultraslip and super matte versions of its Tecnilith APF Artwork Protect Film. APF is designed to protect printed circuit board artwork from scratches and chemical solutions during use and cleaning. Manufactured in InteliCoat cleanrooms, Tecnilith APF provides a clear, thin barrier against damage and offers high light transmission as well as low haze. Tecnilith APF-L series offers an ultraslip finish; APF-LV Series offers a less reflective, super matte finish. InteliCoat produces the films in 3.5- and 6-micron thicknesses that can save as much as 45 percent of phototool costs. Tecnilith APF is available in any width or length specified by customers. The film is shipped with a companion roll of paper backing or 2 mil Polyester carrier web.

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