The RP Series Robotic Dispenser is available with an automatic vision system to add a new dimension in dispensing accuracy and to simplify fixturing/tooling. The system is capable of dispensing virtually any geometry, including 3D, and can import dispense path files from .DXF, .PLT or G-Code files direct. File size and quantity is limited only by the size of the included Compact Flash card. No PC is required for operation of the robot or vision system. The built-in digital valve controller can operate any syringe, valve, dispense head or meter mixing system available today. Positive displacement and programmable auger valves are also available. The vision system provides accuracy and resolution in microns, and stores up to sixteen different target programs for immediate recall by the RP Robot. The included light ring connector and serial port make it a self-contained turnkey system that is truly field adaptable.

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