Pyro-Putty 1500, a new high-temperature, single-part, heavy-duty paste developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used as a sealant and gasketing compound in the primary metal, foundry and smelting industries for service conditions to 2300 degrees F. Pyro-Putty 1500 is a specially formulated sealant for containing molten metals. Typical applications include: sealing argon gas in molds for special steel heats; sealing open-bottomed molds to reduce steel loss and casting fins; sealing cope and drag foundry molds; sealing hot topes to molds; sealing stress cracks in molds; and more. Pyro-Putty 1500 is offered in a standard 11-ounce caulk gun cartridge, but can be ordered in bulk in 1- or 5-gallon pails for use in conventional pumping equipment. Product density is 11 lbs per gallon.

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