Pyro-Putty 1000 is an advanced, two-part, water-based, ceramic- and aluminum-filled paste that operates to 1400 degrees F. This product is now used to repair defects in cast aluminum manifolds, seal aluminum housings found in infrared ovens, bond-burner components in commercial stoves, and seal sheet metal exhaust stacks found in industrial furnaces and incinerators. Pyro-Putty 1000 is an easy-to-use, environmentally compliant compound containing no asbestos or volatile organic compounds. It is a two-part powder and liquid system that is typically mixed to a paste-like consistency then dispersed into place in cross-sections up to ½" thick. Pyro-Putty 1000 sets at room temperature in 16-24 hours and can be cured in-situ or by heating for 1-2 hours at 160 degrees F. Cured product exhibits minimal shrinkage and can be sanded to a smooth finish, then coated with conventional paints or powder coatings.

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