Scapa has announced the launch of Scapa 3279 and 3289 high-temperature PVC foam tapes. Scapa 3279 and 3289 consist of high-temperature foams of different thicknesses coated on one surface with an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive. Scapa 3279 uses the standard acrylic adhesive used on Scapa's range of PVC foam tapes while 3289 features a high-tack acrylic adhesive system. Unlike the standard PVC foam tapes from Scapa, 3279 and 3289 perform at temperatures up to 125°C. Both products bond to most surfaces, such as painted metals, aluminum and molded plastic parts, with 3289 demonstrating excellent bonding on powder-coated, irregular and difficult-to-bond surfaces. These products are available in roll format or in specific die-cut shapes, which offer flexibility and ensure that production processes are minimized.

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