Mactac® Engineered Tapes & Laminates recently launched low-VOC tapes for the electronics and electric vehicle (EV) battery markets. Responding to demand for pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) in these markets, the tapes feature the Mactac CleanTape™ adhesive system — a clean, low outgassing adhesive system. The tapes are available in single-coated, double-coated, and transfer tape constructions and offer a spectrum of adhesion performance options.

CleanTape non-VOC adhesives are ideal for sensitive applications where fogging and residue can cause circuit and component degradation. They are also uniquely suited to optimize the safety and power density of EV batteries, while offering stability and long-term performance for the life of the vehicle. Common applications, include pack sealing and gasketing, compression pads, thermal runaway protections, cushioning and dampening, cell wrapping, EMI and RF shielding, electrical insulation, thermal interface, PCK and flexible circuit bonding and busbars. 

Features include high dielectric and insulation properties; compatibility with many conductive inks, solders, circuity components, printed circuits and electric components; and adhesion to a wide variety of materials, including various films, foils, foams and thermal interface materials. They can withstand rigorous hot and cold temperature cycling and humidity, as well as exposure to chemicals, organic solvents, cleaners, fuels, hydrocarbon-based fluids, weak acids and alkalis.

CleanTape meets important industry standards, specifications, and compliance regulations, including those for VOC emissions (JIS-A 1901), low fog (VDA278 and SAE J1756), low outgassing (E595) and flammability (FMVSS302). It also meets UL969 and CSA 22.2 No. 15 standards for labels and markings.

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