Asymtek has released the Laser Fan Width Control option for conformal coating, to provide closed-loop monitoring of the conformal coating process. Fan width is important to monitor to ensure consistent, repeatable coating patterns. The Laser Fan Width Control option is designed to work with Asymtek's Century Series conformal coating system and the patented SC-105/205 Film Coater applicator, which is ideal for low-viscosity coating materials. Temperature variations and other environmental factors often affect the viscosity of coating materials, changing material flow and fluid fan width. Laser Fan Width Control provides closed loop monitoring by measuring the fan width with a laser sensor, then adjusting the system parameters as necessary. When combined with the Film Coater, the Laser Fan Width Control option allows the user to achieve excellent coating selectivity, edge definition (0.76 mm or 30 mil), and speed in the coating process (up to 400 mm/sec or 16 inch/sec.).

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