CVC Specialty Chemcials, Inc. recently embarked on a building expansion and production improvement program to streamline production operations, shipping, receiving, and materials handling at its Maple Shade, NJ, manufacturing plant. The expansion will provide 5,500 square feet of additional space, including new shipping docks. Total square footage to be added to the manufacturing plant will exceed 11,000 square feet. Facility expansion will also support the previous installation of new processing equipment. A new 1,600 gallon jacketed mix tank for blending specialty epoxies and reactive diluents and a 1,500 gallon jacketed reactor for blending and formulating specialty high viscosity and solvent cut epoxy resins have been installed. Two new 13,000 gallon traced and insulated agitated storage tanks with transfer piping will provide bulk epoxy storage capacity. Other state of the art equipment now on site includes a solid feed system to charge raw materials to rectors safely and efficiently under atmospheric or vacuum conditions. A new drum-off system, including piping transfer system, drum conveyor and scale, will facilitate product transfer from the production area to the new warehouse. The expansion program is scheduled for completion by the summer of 2005.

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