Rapra Technology now offers a new service called Polymer Contents. There is no charge for this service, it is custom-created to the needs of individual subscribers and is designed to bring the world of polymers directly to the doorstep of the industry. "This is a real opportunity for all in the sector to keep abreast - at no charge - of the world's emerging discoveries and innovations in polymer science, technology and manufacturing, and, most particularly, an opportunity to monitor special interests within the industry," says Rien van den Hondel, Rapra Technology's manager of databases. "To fully understand the scope of this service, it is important to realize that Rapra's Polymercontents.com covers literature published by over 150 scientific, technical, economic and trade publishers." Every month, Rapra abstracts some 400 journals, conference papers and other publications, employing a specialist staff of some 25 abstractors. In essence, a digest of all information will now be made available to users athttp://www.polymercontents.com . After a simple registration, visitors can create `topic profiles' describing their particular interests via an easy-to-use menu. Users may create as many `topic profiles' as they want. Each of these will result in a fortnightly e-mail, listing titles and truncated abstracts of recent, specially selected literature.

For more information, visit http://www.polymercontents.com .