Engineered Polymer Solutions has launched EPS® 2133, an all-acrylic polymer made without APEO surfactants that can be formulated for permanent and removable pressure-sensitive adhesive applications.

“As the pressure-sensitive adhesives market grows rapidly, we see expanding demand for industrial tape and label applications, and manufacturers can rely on EPS 2133 to deliver the adhesion and high shear holding strength they need for their formulations”, said Dr. Robert Sandoval, R&D technical director, EPS. He added, “EPS 2133 has broad formulation latitude, allowing the adhesives manufacturer to develop products that achieve their performance targets.”

Typical Adhesive Performance of EPS 2133

• 180° Peel (PSTC-101) 2.0 lbs/in

• Loop Tack (PSTC-16) 2.0 lbs/in2

• Static Shear (PSTC-107) >10,000 minutes (1”x1”x1 kg)

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