Engineered Polymer Solutions (EPS) has launched EPS® 2157, a resin for protective films for appliances, doors, and glass, as well as any application where protective masking is required. EPS 2157 is an all-acrylic polymer emulsion for use in removable, pressure-sensitive adhesive applications.

Ideal for film and tape market segments, this product reportedly exhibits moderate peel and tack with high shear values. The company reports that EPS 2157 distinguishes itself from other resins in this space, offering a “soft” peel as compared to other products with equivalent peel and tack that have a harder “zip-like” peel.

As demand for protective films for surfaces grows, customers have expressed a need for adhesives that are easy to remove smoothly. EPS 2157 satisfies this demand, enabling adhesives that have a soft-feel peel.

“The soft peel attribute differentiates this resin from other products that may have a similar peel adhesion but a harder zip-like feel,” said Robert Sandoval, Ph.D., EPS R&D technical manager. “End-users can easily remove protective films that use EPS 2157 due to its moderate peel adhesion, but the resin still offers enough adhesion and high-shear strength to prevent films from unintentionally becoming removed during transport and installation of a part. In addition, protective films that have removable adhesives made from EPS 2157 leave no residue or adhesive transfer after peeling.”

Typical adhesive performance of EPS 2157 includes:                                 

  • 180° peel (PSTC-101)—2.2 lbs/in
  • Loop tack (PSTC-16)—2.3 lbs/in
  • Static shear (PSTC-107)—more than 10,000 min (1 in. x 1 in. x 1 kg)

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