Syon electrically conductive adhesive solders from Devcon can be used to form conductive paths in applications where hot soldering would be ineffective or impractical. These epoxy and epoxide formulations mix and pour easily, fill voids completely, and cure with minimal air entrapment. Syon Tru-Bond 206A Conductive Adhesive Solder is a pourable liquid for bonding electrical components that could be damaged by hot solder. This silver-filled epoxide is also useful when hot solder will not bond to the types of metals or wires to be joined, as well as for microwave shielding. Tru-Bond 214 Silver-Filled Epoxy Adhesive is a conductive, nonsagging paste for applications where a conductive bond is required and where hot soldering is impractical. It can be used to form conductive paths on circuit boards and to prepare electrodes for capacitance and loss measurements. Tru-Bond 215 Copper-Filled Epoxy Adhesive is both electrically and thermally conductive. An economical alternative to silver-filled products, this nonsagging paste can be used in place of hot solder in the preparation and repair of conductive paths on circuit boards, as well as in RF shielding and heat-sink applications.

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