Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. has announced the introduction of a new Internet-based client-server platform designed for high-speed searching of more than 800,000 spectra. With this new platform, users now have the option to access award winning KnowItAll spectral databases via the Internet rather than installing the data on their own computers. This new capability will enable scientists to free up local hard drive space and conduct structure, substructure, chemical property, spectral and peak database searches at dramatically higher speeds than previously possible. "We all know that searching vast amounts of data can be a time-consuming process," said Ty Abshear, Bio-Rad Software and Database Development manager. "But now, with Bio-Rad's new server, optimized for extraordinary performance over LAN, WAN and the Internet, searches that previously took minutes can now be completed in less than five seconds." Internet access to KnowItAll databases will also decrease IT maintenance and updating burdens. Installation procedures using an Internet-based platform for databases only require installation of KnowItAll client software.

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