Dow Biocides has introduced a new molecule to its product portfolio, Benzisothiazolinone (BIT), which will allow the company to further expand its product offering and provide customers with a variety of enhanced products and solutions, making Dow the one-stop-shop for all biocides needs across the world. "BIT is one of the most widely used biocides for in-can preservation, and adding it to our portfolio closes a gap to greatly strengthen our offering," said Mark Henning, general manager, Dow Biocides. "Our customers asked and we delivered. It's just one of the ways we are demonstrating our global leadership in the industry, adding molecules and solutions that people need - both now and in the future. BIT is just the first visible step in our trek to invest in and grow our business in readiness for future developments in the biocides industry." The BIT molecule fills customer application needs for a preservative with broad pH coverage, particularly for high pH systems, and non-formaldehyde-based chemistry. The range of BIT products will be introduced globally by region beginning immediately in North America, to be followed by Asia, Europe and Latin America.

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