Tyco Plastics & Adhesives has introduced the first residue-free tape for the building trade industry that offers clean removal up to 30 days after application. Polyken Stucco 888 Enhanced Masking material is a highly formulated adhesive that masks window frames, stucco, plastering, concrete, masonry and any other application where UV-resistant and residue-free properties are needed. Manufactured by Tyco Adhesives (a business unit of Tyco Plastics & Adhesives), the multi-purpose cloth duct tape is excellent for outdoor masking applications. Its unique construction withstands ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, making Polyken Stucco 888 ideal for extended exposure applications. The polyethylene-coated cloth with a UV-blocking layer provides a high thread count for strength, and a thick backing for increased durability. The natural rubber-based adhesive offers durable holding power, even on rough surfaces. "Polyken Stucco 888 was specifically designed so that it can remain attached on the jobsite for extended periods of up to 30 days, in temperatures reaching up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit," said Vinita Sharma, marketing manager for the industrial segment of Tyco Plastics & Adhesives. "Even when it's exposed to sunlight and the elements, it removes cleanly and easily without leaving residue. Polyken Stucco 888 is truly an industry-first product that gives customers a high-quality, engineered solution to meet demanding requirements." Polyken Stucco 888 is easy to unwind, tear and apply. Its bright red color is highly visible. The single-coated, self-wound tape is manufactured in a variety of lengths and widths with a total thickness of 11.5 mils. Polyken Stucco 888 has an adhesion-to-steel rate of 65 oz./in. and a tensile strength of 40 lbs./in.

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