Tyco Plastics & Adhesives now offers Nashua Stretch and Seal Silicone Sealing Tape to the retail market. This new silicone tape product creates a permanent, watertight seal for easy repairs, and can be applied in wet conditions. Stretch and Seal tape can be used to repair and seal pipes, electrical wires, hoses, and other items. The versatile product is also ideal for a myriad of general household applications, as well as on sporting goods. It will stretch to conform to almost any surface and can be used to cover sharp edges. Stretch & Seal tape can weather just about any storm with its chemical- and UV-resistant silicone coating, while protecting objects against rust and corrosion. Unlike other products, Stretch & Seal tape can withstand temperature extremes, adhering in temperatures ranging from -60 degrees F to 500 degrees F.

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