The Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry (API) has announced the winners of the Polyurethanes Conference 2004 Best Paper Presentation and Best Poster awards. A total of 13 paper awards and 4 poster awards were presented at the Conference, which took place Oct. 18-20 in Las Vegas. Technical Paper Award Winners included: "A Detailed Understanding of Polyurethane Dispersions, Their Processes and Applications" by Bedri Erdem, Deb Bhattacharjee and Lao-Jer Chem (The Dow Chemical Co.); and "Innovative Copolymer Polyol Technologies for Automotive Polyurethane HR Molding" by Robert Dawe (The Dow Chemical Co.), J.M. Sonney, F.M. Casati (Dow Europe GmbH), and H.R. Van Der Wal (Dow Benelux N.V.). Poster Award Winners included "Measurement of the Reaction Profile and the Pot Life of PU-CASE Materials" by Jeffrey D. Gross, EuroTech Distributors, Inc.

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