A new miniature hot air process tool that is ideal for heat staking or thermal riveting plastics, drying adhesives and inks, soldering and de-soldering, and a variety of shrink packaging applications is now available from Malcom Hot Air Systems of Portsmouth, RI. Malcom's Leister Labo Heater is a compact hot air tool that can be mounted virtually anywhere and integrated into a variety of processes where larger conventional tools are impractical. Capable of reaching 1,150 degrees F with air flows that can be adjusted from a whisper to 10 CFM, this powerful tool comes in two versions and requires a compressed air line or blower. Measuring only 5" x 1" and weighing 3 ½ oz., the Leister Labo Heater can be supplied with a wide range of nozzles for special applications. It is offered in a 120 V, 550 W version that produces 1,100 degrees F and a 230 V, 800 W version that reaches 1,150 degrees F. These units are priced from $399.00, depending upon model and nozzle type. Literature and quotations are available upon request.

For more information, visit http://www.malcom.com , call (888) 807-4030 or e-mail info@malcom.com .