ABB Inc. now offers the ACS550 DriveIT Low Voltage AC Drive family. Built using 3-D design tools, the drive's 1 to 550 horsepower range and multiple modes of motor control provide users wide flexibility across the full range of general-purpose industrial applications and markets. The control panel is similar in look, feel and functionality to a mobile phone and features two soft keys, the functions of which change according to the operating state of the panel. A built-in HELP button and a real-time clock assist in fault diagnostics. This enables fast set-up, simple configuration and rapid fault diagnosis. Start-up Assistant software is built in as a standard tool so that the start up and tuning of these drives may be accomplished quickly. Available for use in up to 16 languages (all resident in the control), the Assistant, via the control panel, asks users for motor nominal values, the I/O configuration and application-specific parameters (acceleration and deceleration). An on-line information system offers additional help at every step. Following this interaction, drives are ready for controlling the specified motor and process. Changed parameters are logged and available as well.

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