Imass Inc.

The TL-2200 Slip/Peel Tester covers testing speeds from 6 to 1,500 inches/minute. Its higher speed capabilities make it especially useful in release property measurements. This TLMI-compliant tester also satisfies applicable test specifications from PSTC, ASTM, AFERA, FINAT and TAPPI.

Features include direct readout in any units - English, metric or SI; automatic balance, calibration and ranging from 10 g to 10 kg (25 lb); servo/screw-driven 18-inch stroke platen for smooth test motion without cogging; variable peel angles from 22.5 degrees; to 180 degrees; static and kinetic peak, average, valley and root-mean-square force values; easy-to-read tabulated data and statistics; direct connection to separately provided printer; and optional software for communication with PC and LIM systems.

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