Asymtek has released its DispenseJet DJ-9000 jet for precise, high-speed delivery of a wide variety of fluids including underfill, surface mount adhesive, encapsulants, conformal coatings, UV adhesives and silver epoxy. The jet is faster, easier to clean, and delivers the capabilities needed for most advanced production requirements. Made for stacked die and densely packed boards, the DJ-9000 jets in spaces as small as 200 micrometers, and creates fillet wet-out widths as small as 300 micrometers on the dispensed side of the die. It dispenses fluid either as discrete dots or a rapid succession of dots to form a 100-micron (4 mil) diameter stream of fluid from the nozzle. Dot diameters as small as 0.33 mm and shot volumes as small as 3.6 nanoliters can also be achieved. Jetting breaks through many of the barriers of traditional needle dispensing to deliver speed, quality and low cost of ownership, and has proven to be one of the best ways to dispense many fluids.

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