DEK has introduced new techniques for performing mass imaging processes on singulated substrates directly from the process carrier. This streamlines assembly of singulated packages and allows the advantages of mass imaging to be gained without having to move substrates into a special carrier. These include high throughput, enhanced control over deposit shape and thickness, and low voiding. Electronic materials such as conductive adhesives, solder pastes, fluxes, underfills and also solder balls can now be applied to singulated substrates lifted from the carrier one at a time. Substrates enter the printer in the customer's chosen process carrier, such as an Auer boat. Upon reaching the board stop, the carrier is held in place by the machine's snugger rail system as the first substrate is aligned. The machine's camera system verifies correct alignment before the substrate is raised into contact with the stencil by standard vacuum tooling. After mass imaging, the substrate is lowered into the carrier. The board stop then allows the carrier to move to the next position, where the second substrate is aligned and the cycle repeated. After each substrate has been processed and returned to the carrier, the carrier is able to move directly to the next downstream process.

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