Mass imaging specialist DEK has unveiled further enhancements to its Horizon screen printing platform. Now equipped with state-of-the-art new cover packages, Horizon features substantially improved usability and operator access for an additional level of manufacturing flexibility.

The DEK Horizon platform offers an array of advanced features as standard and then enables customers to choose from a range of options retrofittable in the field to address future applications, production needs or technologies. This inherent flexibility reached new levels recently with the addition of new Horizon cover packages. Providing instant access to both the front and rear of the platform, the lightweight cover packages eliminate the need for further tooling. In addition, quick-release panels and uncompromised facilities access mean that all critical areas of the screen printer are close at hand, while an ergonomic design eliminates the potential for operator error.

DEK’s Horizon is available in three pre-configured Horizon platforms or as a completely customized technology - all enhanced by the brand new cover packages. Pre-configured platforms include Horizon 01iX, the high-accuracy, high-throughput technology equipped to achieve 6-Sigma machine alignment capability of 2 Cpk @ +/- 12.5 microns. Horizon 02iX leverages an advanced level of accuracy and reliability and features a sophisticated and fully automated print process. Finally, the Horizon 03iX platform also reinforces the system’s future-proofing capacity and lowest cost-of-ownership commitment, showcasing the fast set-up and changeover capabilities that make Horizon 03iX ideal for prototyping and pre-production.

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