The Synapse Chemical Library has announced the publication of its "Handbook of Preservatives," available in book or CD formats. This handbook comprehensively describes more than 5,500 trade name and generic chemicals that are used in all aspects of the chemical industry to prevent degradation of formulated products, and offers quick access to chemicals used in industry, including their synonyms, properties, composition, functions/applications, and manufacturers. Also available is the "Handbook of Green Chemicals, Second Edition," containing more than 7,000 trade name chemicals and more than 2,500 generic chemicals that can be used in formulations to meet environmental concerns and government regulations. And finally, the "Handbook of Adhesive Chemical and Compounding Ingredients, Second Edition" offers an international guide to more than 9,500 chemicals and materials for use in the following adhesive types: heat-activated; heat-sealing; hot-melt; pressure-sensitive; protein-based; radiation-curable; rubber-based; solvent-based; thermoplastic; thermosetting; and water-based.

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