UCAR Emulsion Systems (UES) announces the new acrylic latex for use primarily in "true clear" sealant applications. UCAR Latex 9192 sets new performance standards for total solids/low shrinkage, dry time, rate of clearing, UV stability and ultimate color and clarity. With UCAR Latex 9192, formulators will now be able to develop clear sealants suitable for a variety of clear applications that require high UV resistance and low VOC. Translucent and clear latex based caulks and sealants have been increasing in popularity due to the variety of new construction materials and colors being used in both interior and exterior applications. Latex products suitable for true clear applications must meet many of the same performance characteristics of those used for pigmented systems, while also having additional properties including rapid dry-to-clear time, low tack, and good color and clarity properties after dry.

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