Ross has announced the receipt of a patent covering its new blade designed for use with the company's line of Double Planetary Mixers. The new design is designated as the HV Blade and is available for all sizes from 1 pint through 750 gal capacity. The new HV Blade enhances the capability of the Planetary Mixer by enabling the mixture of ultra-high viscosity formulations. Products having this viscosity previously required an expensive high horsepower double arm mixer. The new Blade has many advantages, including the following: capable of mixing products up to 7,000,000 cps; assists in the rapid incorporation of light and difficult-to-wet solids, such as fumed silica; cleans the walls and bottom of the vessel during the mix cycle; easy to clean between batches and color changes; eliminates climbing of viscous materials during the mix cycle; produces a continuous, balanced mixing action, which eliminates amperage spikes and enables the mixer to handle extremely high viscosities.

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