New literature from Henkel Corp. profiles the Loctite 7700 Hand Held LED Light Source, a high-powered, portable curing system that consistently cures many UV/visible light-curing adhesives in seconds. Featuring patent pending LED curing technology, the Loctite 7700 offers a typical output of 500 mW/sq cm at a wavelength of 405 nm. The literature describes the Loctite 7700 light as ideal for applications in crowded or hard-to-reach areas. Sized at 9 x 1 x ¾-inches and weighing less than 0.5 pounds, the unit may be powered using rechargeable batteries or connected to an AC adapter. The literature says that the unit can be used while recharging and features remote on/off capabilities. Unique LED technology allows the Loctite 7700 to deliver instant on/off performance and consistent light output. The literature also lists available accessories and compatible Loctite adhesives.

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