Independent Machine Co. of Fairfield, NJ, has developed its latest system for slitting and traverse winding pressure sensitive adhesives, tapes and foam. The new 12" wide system includes a cantilevered unwind to 24" diameter with auto edge guide and programmable tension control. The slitter includes entry and exit "S" wrap pull rolls for tension isolation and draw control. Also featured is the exclusive IMC interchangeable slitter assembly for score, shear, razor or rotary die cut, accommodating a variety of materials as well as an auxiliary rewind for excess material not traverse wound. Edge trim from each side of the web is wound at a dual position traversing take-up. Each of the cantilevereld Smartwinder-2000 traverse winding positions accommodates spools up to 12" wide x 24" OD. The system is easily expandable by adding positions. Each position operates completely independent of all other positions and has a computerized, fully adjustable servo-driven traverse that will vary pitch, stroke length and end dwell through Smartwinders software. Precise adjustable rewind tension accurate to within 7 grams is controlled by an independent closed loop follower drive system and the exclusive IMC Dancer/Tension Controller with a 50:1 tension range. The operator Touchscreen has recipe storage capability for winding pattern, tension and position operating parameters and all machine function settings. An end break detector at each position will automatically shut the system down during a web break. All adhesive contact points are coated with a non-stick finish.

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