Henkel Loctite Corp. has introduced two fluorescent FLASHCURE light curing cyanoacrylates designed for the assembly of components where the ability to verify the presence of the applied adhesive is desired. The products are ideal for a range of applications in the loudspeaker, appliance, medical and general assembly industries. FLASHCURE 4306 light cure adhesive is a low-viscosity product, while 4307 is a medium-viscosity material. Both Adhesives are ISO-10993 compliant, making the products idea for medical device assembly. These cyanoacrylates offer instant fixture and tack-free surfaces in less than five seconds when exposed to low, medium, or high-intensity light. These adhesives cure tack-free without solvent-borne accelerators. They are surface insensitive and extremely versatile, offering excellent adhesion to a variety of metals, elastomers and plastics, including polyolefins. Light curing cyanoacrylate technology features a secondary moisture cure mechanism that allows the adhesive to cure in shadowed areas where light cannot reach. Compared to traditional cyanoacrylate adhesives, these products deliver minimal blooming and stress cracking on sensitive substrates such as polycarbonate and acrylic.

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