In response to critical performance needs for immediate position feedback sensing and quieter operation, Bio-Chem Valve now offers two new high purity liquid transfer pinch valve enhancement options that enable OEMs to expand and upgrade their product lines by offering specialized position feedback sensors and noise deadening features. The pinch valve enhancement options provide position feedback and noise reduction for use in hospital or medical applications, intensive care units, in-office patient care, consumer product testing laboratories, and other critical applications in which exact positioning assurance or noise abatement is required. Position feedback is assured with a compact, factory-mounted, infrared optical sensor that instantaneously detects the position of the pinch valve pusher/armature assembly by sending an electrical signal to the control system to verify whether the valve is open or closed. With no moving parts and only one lead wire, the accurate, wear-resistant optical sensor has been designed for virtually unlimited life. The noise reduction valve enhancement option reduces the characteristic intermittent, and often annoying, staccato "clicking" sound typically associated with the solenoid actuated pinch valve to a virtually inaudible soft beat. An innovative use of noise dampening materials on the internal components permits Bio-Chem Valve to reduce the noise level at the point of actuation from 72dB to 52dB as measured on pinch valves for tubing sizes from 3/32" to 3/8" OD.

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