Lambda Solutions has introduced its new high performance Raman System, the Dimension-P1. This system is equipped with the Lambda Solutions high efficiency Vector Raman fiber probe and other accessories, making it suitable for a range of quality control and analytical applications. It is also available on an OEM basis. The Dimension-P1 incorporates a frequency stabilized, narrow-linewidth (0.15 nm), power adjustable laser. The lens-based f/1.8 spectrograph and a choice of sensitive spectroscopy grade CCD cameras provide both wide spectral coverage and resolution as high as 3 to 4 cm-1. The Dimension-P1 comes with Lambda Solutions' powerful and user-friendly RamanSoft software with integrating data collection, database interface and data analysis. RamanSoft provides traditional background subtraction along with a proprietary background removal algorithm to speed data acquisition. The software provides flexible report output, and the fiber probe accessories allow for effective data collection, even from difficult samples including pharmaceutical products, bottled chemicals and solvents.

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