Daikin's F-207 PTFE Fine Powder for paste extrusion runs at high reduction ratios with the lowest extrusion pressure in Daikin's Fine Powder line. F-207 has been designed for small diameter coaxial cables and tubing applications that are run at high reduction ratios, from 200:1 up to 4,000:1. It is ideal for high frequency insulating applications (5 GHz and higher) because of its low, uniform dielectric constant and dissipation factor over a wide frequency range. F-207 also demonstrates good thermal stability and excellent dimensional tolerance making it prefect for high tolerance tubing applications. Features and benefits include dimensional stability offering an OD Variation of +/- 0.2 percent; thermal stability allowing for a high continuous service temperature of 500 degrees F; high R/R capabilities ideal for small diameter wire and tubing on large machines; lower lubricant levels resulting in cost reduction; lower emissions, and more.

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