Universal Instruments Corp. has announced the addition of Aegis Industrial Software to the Universal third party software program. Aegis has developed interfaces to Universal's software to integrate support for Universal products into the Aegis iMonitor system. Under this agreement, Aegis will utilize standard interfaces in Universal's manufacturing automation software suite to allow data retrieval by Aegis monitoring software. Aegis has already developed an interpreter for Universal's DMM database structure, providing translation into IPC-standard "CAMX" data. This combined solution, which comprises Universal's Line Communicator software system with the Aegis xLink CAMX transmitter, has been tested and verified for all Universal surface mount products including GSM UPS+ (Windows based system), GSM UPS (OS/2 based system) and HSP (4796 & 4797).

For more information, call 607-779-4079 or e-mail moore@uic.com .