Experts to discuss offshore manufacturing, scientific developments and other issues at ASC Spring Convention & Expo

The ASC's 2004 Spring Convention and Expo will take place in Cleveland, April 18-21, at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel. The conference will include sessions on: advancements in construction adhesives and sealants; sealant technologies, application, and markets; operational effectiveness; and trends in waterborne adhesives. In addition, a special program addressing the needs of flooring adhesive manufacturers is planned.

International trade and new developments in science and technology are having a profound effect on the adhesives industry, impacting both the variety of adhesives available on the market and the manner in which they are produced. Leading experts will discuss these and other issues. Keynote speakers will address "Meeting China's Challenge" and "Business Six Sigma".

Additionally, leading experts in technical and business sessions will give presentations on topics including the following.

  • Sustainable Building Practices for Achieving Healthy Indoor Environments
  • Green Building
  • Skills for a 21st Century Workforce
  • Cost Containment through Outsourcing Human Resources
  • Chemical Site Security
  • Innovations in Waterborne Adhesives

An updated Waterborne Short Course is scheduled to run concurrently with the convention. The Expo will be held the afternoon of Tuesday, April 20.

ASI is sponsoring the Kick-Off Breakfast on Monday, April 19, and is moderating the Wednesday Morning Breakfast with End-User Panel event. The panel will provide a glimpse into the future and insight into the challenges and opportunities end-users face when selecting adhesives and sealants for their products, the selection process itself, and the main factors influencing their ultimate decision.

For more information, visit or call 301-986-9700.

ASC Exhibitors (as of 1-1-04)

ASI Magazine 22

Air Products and Chemicals Inc. 26

Archem Process Equipment Ltd. 46

Arizona Chemical Co. 30

Ashland Distribution Co. 9

BASF Corp. 2

Chemidex 28

Chemsultants International Inc. 25

Charles Ross & Son Co. 34

Cleveland Steel Container Corp. 23

Cognis Corp. 27

ConProTec Inc. 40

Degussa Corp. 14 and 15

The Dow Chemical Co. 1

Dynasol 18

ExxonMobil Chemical Co. 39

Gabriel Performance Products 33


Forbo Adhesives LLC - Synthetic Polymers 37

GE Silicones - OSi Specialties 44

Gelest Inc. 31

Interfibe Corp. 45

ISP Elastomers 24

Kaneka Texas Corp. 43

KRATON Polymers U.S., LLC 11

Lubrizol Corp. 13

PINOVA, a Div. of Hercules 32

The Reynolds Co. 17

Sartomer Co. Inc. 36

SGS Sample Management 4

SpecialChem 35

Super Brush LLC 29

TAH Industries Inc. 50

Troy Corp. 38

Uniqema 16

Verichem Inc. 12