Moyno, Inc. has announced a redesign of its Moyno 2000 G3 Pump that incorporates proprietary Moyno Ultra-Technologies. This new pump design provides maximum pumping performance for medium- to high-viscosity, high-solids content applications where bridging is a significant concern. The 2000 G3 features a new bridge breaker anti-bridging mechanism, which operates at speeds that are independent of the pump's rotational speed to optimize fluid feed control for increased pumping efficiency. A low-cost, single auger feed mechanism moves the product through an extension tube to the pump element, ensuring the product is fed directly into the cavity instead of re-circulating in the hopper. The 2000 G3 easily handles difficult applications such as pharmaceutical pastes, heavy petroleum sludges, plasticizers, thick grouts, municipal sludges in excess of 30 percent solids, and paper stocks in excess of 12 percent solids.

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