Henkel Loctite Corp. has introduced Hysol QMI 519HT02, a silver-filled, high thermal conductivity die attach adhesive specifically formulated for use on die with high power densities. Hydrophobic and stable at high temperatures, QMI 519HT02 delivers void-free bond lines with excellent adhesion strength to a wide variety of ceramic, laminate, and metal or plated substrates including copper, Alloy42, solder, tin, silver, palladium, and gold. Devices manufactured using this product have high resistance to delamination and popcorning, even after exposure to multiple reflow temperature cycles. It will not degrade at 260 degrees C peak solder reflow temperatures. The product is JEDEC Level 1 capable. Designed to achieve UPHs substantially higher than conventional oven cures, it is formulated to cure in-line, either on the diebonder using a post-diebond heater or on the wirebonder preheater. This adhesive has ultra-fast cure kinetics that allow it to be cured in-line using SkipCure in just 10 seconds at 150 degrees C, or using a variety of times and temperatures in conventional ovens or snap cure stations. The product may also be converted to a controlled collapse spacer paste that employs organic spacers.

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