Speedline Technologies Inc. has introduced its MPM Gel-Flex conformal board support system. The gel-based technology is dramatically easier to use and costs much less than traditional tooling options. The MPM Gel-Flex Board Support System is an innovative and cost-effective answer to the challenge of supporting the circuit board during the stencil printing process. Consisting of non-conductive polyurethane elastomer gel enclosed within a durable membrane shell and mounted to a magnetic base, Gel-Flex tooling is a true conformal board-support system. The compressible gel material provides gentle compliance to delicate bottom-side components and leads while providing firm support for the entire board surface. Since new product setup takes literally seconds to complete, and product changeovers are as simple as relocating the support bars, downtime associated with board support changes is dramatically reduced with the new Gel-Flex system. Compared to other expensive, customized tooling options, the Gel-Flex solution is considerably less expensive to purchase and operate.

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