HANNOVER, Germany -- The 3rd European Congress for raw materials for the adhesives and sealants industry will take place on April 9-10, 2003, during the European Coatings Show 2003 in Nuremberg, Germany. The congress is organized jointly by Vincentz Verlag and Hinterwaldner Consulting & Partner.

With the theme, Tracking Adhesion: Selecting the Right Binder, the proposed congress program will include the following subject blocks:

  • Water-based synthetic-resin dispersions used as raw materials;
  • Inorganic binders used as raw materials;
  • Reactive backbone binders for structural adhesives;
  • Adhesives and extenders for modifying, reinforcing and improving;
  • Backbone polymers used as raw materials for hot-melt adhesives;
  • Quality management and assurance;
  • Machines and equipment;
  • Binders used as raw materials;
  • Labelling of adhesives and sealants;
  • Environmental technology;
  • Naturally occurring raw materials resources for adhesives and sealants.
The congress language will be German and English. The papers will be translated simultaneously into both languages. Interested speakers are invited to submit a paper (title and synopsis) by September 1, 2002. Contact Vincentz Verlag, PO Box 6247, 30062 Hannover, Germany, Fax: +49 (0)511/9910-279, or e-mail sandmann@coatings.de.