Moyno, Inc. now offers the Moyno Pipeliner Grinder, a high-capacity solids reduction unit that provides effective solutions to the problems of large solids in suspension and inconsistent particle size in a wide range of applications. The unique design characteristics of the Pipeliner Grinder cutters minimize the chance of jamming and eliminate the need for expensive reversing controls. In addition, it features the exclusive Quick-Change Cartridge Assembly, which allows for quick and easy maintenance, increasing processing time and reducing operating costs. The cartridge assembly can be removed and replaced in just minutes with standard tools and no piping disconnections. Additional product features include: spring-loaded cutter assembly that maintains constant force against shearplate, resulting in prolonged cutter life; rugged, long-lasting tungsten carbide cutters; quick on-site cutter replacement without disconnecting piping; single mechanical seal with silicon carbide face; and a 15mm standard shearplate hole, with optional hole sizes of 6, 8, 10 and 20mm available.

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