Henkel Corp. has introduced the Loctite ZETA 7735, a cost-effective, high performance UV cure wand system designed for ¼ to one-inch diameter spot curing applications. Offering up to 7/Wcm2 of UV light at 250 to 410 nm, this wand system bridges the gap between low and high intensity spot curing equipment. The Loctite ZETA 7735 uses a 50-watt metal halide arc lamp with a universal power supply and a liquid-filled light wand. Its state-of-the-art lamp, featuring an elliptical reflector and custom coating, has a life expectancy of 2,000 hours with proper handling and maintenance. Well suited for the medium- to low-intensity requirements of the photo-optics and audiology industries, the Loctite ZETA 7735 may also be used for fillet curing, wire tacking and shallow potting. The system may be operated manually or by using timed shutter light exposure (from 0 to 99.9 seconds), and is capable of interfacing with a PLC controlled circuit. An hour meter monitors accumulated lamp use, and a selector switch allows use of 110 or 230 VAC options. Light guides are sold separately.

For more information, visit http://www.loctite.com/equipment or call (800) LOCTITE.