Graco's Therm-O-Flow hot melt tanks are compact systems for dispensing wax, sealants and adhesives at precise temperatures. Three models feature 5, 7 and 18-liter PTFE coated tanks. Each melt unit features a durable gear pump with pressure-controlled output, accurate temperature control for consistent performance, sensors for diagnostics and over-temperature protection, and an easy-to-read LED display for current system status. The two larger units also feature an adjustable speed DC-drive motor and user-selectable set back. Therm-O-Flow applicators are available in manual and automatic versions, and are able to support extrusion, swirl or spray applications. The systems support 1, 2 or 4 hose and applicator assemblies. For simple customization, a variety of pattern and air controllers are available that provide increased flexibility. Accessories - including a floor stand and extra capacity hoppers - are also available.