Zenith Chameleon Pump Technology for pint and coating applications are designed to deliver superior metering, more stable flow control and faster in-line flushing for easy application changeovers. Equipped with AGMA Lever 14 (or better) spur precision metering gears, Chameleon pumps are free of the troublesome check valves found in conventional reciprocating pumps. Their rotary spur gears assure a smooth and continuous pulseless flow of paints or coatings despite variations in temperature, viscosity and pressure. The pumps feature only three moving parts - all of them through-hardened to Rc-54 or higher for improved strength and greater wear resistance. Standard material is 400 Series stainless steel; high vanadium stainless steel and Diamond-like coatings are options. Discharge pressures range from 0 to 1,000 psi.

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