Bostik Findley Inc. has announced the introduction of Bostik GPS1, a new construction-grade, one-component moisture cure sealant that offers economical high-performance sealing qualities. Engineered for superior adhesion to various roofing substrates (as well as for general purpose sealing of dissimilar substrates), GPS1 is an elastomeric urethane sealant specifically formulated with low solvent content and low odor for a wide variety of interior or exterior construction applications. Its tenacious adhesion to roofing substrates such as Kynar, anodized aluminum, copper and stainless steel make it a superior sealant for roof penetrations, soffit or fascia applications, or sealing dissimilar building materials. Its high solids content and elastomeric quality provide long-lasting seals that will not shrink or become brittle with prolonged exposure to weather extremes or ultraviolet rays. Compared to solvent-based products, GPS1 is a highly economical, moisture reactive sealant that features less than 4% of VOC content, CARB and SCAQMD compliance, lower odor, and a PVD-free formulation to make it suitable for geographically unrestricted, multi-environment usage. Its non-sag formula provides excellent performance for critical vertical applications.

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