Exergen Corp. introduces NEW IRt/c.07 Self Powered Infrared Thermocouples. The IRt/c.07 is a low cost, light weight, lensed model IRt/c, with a 7:1 field of view, which adds a better optical temperature sensor to the 0 Series line. The IRt/c.01 (1:1 field of view) and IRt/c.03 (3:1 field of view) are the other products in the 0 Series line. The IRt/c.07 allows for measurements at distances up to seven times that of the IRt/c.01 at a price less than twice that of the IRt/c.01, and close to half the price of much of the competition. The sensing range of this new model and all 0 Series sensors are -50 to 550 degrees F (-45 to 290 degrees C), and the ambient temperature range is -40 to 160 degrees F (-40 to 70 degrees C). Models are calibrated at seven different temperature ranges to obtain true accuracy compared to a K type t/c. They also hold true accuracy with changes in ambient temperatures.

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